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Our Thailand Fitness Center is located in the gorgeous surroundings of the Nai Harn Beach area of south-Phuket, we can offer you one of the more comprehensive and sought after Strength & Conditioning fitness programs in Phuket; Thailand Fitness Holidays.

Our trainers are unquestionably some of the most qualified fitness instructors currently coaching in Phuket. The fitness, strength & conditioning, crossfit, TRX and weight loss coach has a long experience in not only competition and Muay Thai here in Phuket, he is a very experienced coach and can help you to achieve the personal goals you have set yourself on your fitness holiday.

Serious physical transformation is there for the taking if you undertake the Cross Fitness program; he has a proven track record, repeat custom and is in demand.

Our classes are available for group training but many visitors want fast and optimal results. Trainers are available for private one-on-one tuition, and as such you will likely see even quicker gains than those relying on the group classes. The one-on-one sessions and personal tuition means that he can organize a specific program for you, complete with a nutrition and supplements plan, a clear goal-orientated strength & conditioning program, and with clear objectives in mind he can properly plan and structure your training and nutrition to maximize your results and to achieve the goal you set.

  • Fitness & Nutrition; dietary & supplements guidance
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • TRX & running
  • Personalized and goal-centric training programs
  • One-on-one tuition

Not only people looking to achieve personal fitness, strength & conditioning goals utilize our services, however; plenty of athletes train with him to maximize and increase their own athleticism, power and speed.

At Thailand Fitness Holidays we can offer you a boot camp that will put you into unprecedented shape, with the physique of your dreams and the athleticism that you are looking for. The cross training is different every day, with variety employed and as much of a “full body workout” given every time as possible.

This is your opportunity to take part in what could – and will – be a lifestyle changing fitness holiday. It is a fail-safe, guaranteed results scheme to get in awesome physical condition and improve your athleticism, stamina and power to boot.

We offer this lifestyle changing holiday with the following features that will make your trip that much more hassle free:

  • Accommodation package can be included
  • Airport pick up – transport taken care of
  • All fitness training and consultations included in the package
  • Package available including food / diet plan and supplements – this to MAXIMIZE your gains alongside the training, for maximum results
  • Up to four workout sessions per day!
  • Private tuition with a trainer available

Our Thailand Weight Loss Camp offers a personal training holiday that offers you not only the opportunity to visit a tropical island of Thailand and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Nai Harn Beach area, but to improve yourself physically and mentally to an unprecedented level and achieve every fitness goal of both your ambitions and your dreams!

A money-back guarantee is available for those who feel their own personal goals were not met, or that they were not catered to; frankly, the training alone should be enough to transform you into a bigger, better, faster and stronger version of yourself, let alone the diet plan and taking dedication into account. This is an effective training system and with a money-back guarantee, we stand by it.


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